WTF is up with Today's Option's Enrollment


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I have submitted 4 online enrollments and all of them but 1 have been sitting there as incomplete. You have to call in to find out if they are incomplete(isn't that nice).

They say that the address doesn't match the adress on file for CMS. Thats BS. They tell me I have to have the client call CMS to change or verify their address. Oh yea 2 of them were husband and wife and lived in the same place for 20+ yrs, the wife was issued the husband addrees is wrong according to TO. Kind of hard to believe that this could happen this many times. Anyone else having this problem?

I have had no problem with faxed enrollments.
I know that all the MA companies have not been fun to work with this year... Something is always messed up.
I'm one of those people who generally call carriers several days after mailing, or faxing in apps. I have learned the hard way, of course, that Murphy's Law prevails.

And no, they never call you if there is a page missing, or incompletes. It just sits there in that "black hole". As for the online enrollments, don't know if i trust any of them without a paper trail.

But kudos to Cigna....sent in a couple PDP's and within 10 days the couple got their RX cards. No flies on their wall.
Last season, I overnighted every app. even if ti was just 1.

'MAKE THEM SIGN FOR IT.' You have proof.

Off topic a bit, I know, but the pt. is 'papertrail.'

This way, I can rest. I can check if they received it.

On 1 case, Wellcare and I batted back and forth for over 3 months to get this case issued b/c they said it came in after 3/31 when it DID NOT and had I not tracked and certified this by overnight mail, the case would not have been issued. Not to mention too, how incompetent their customer service reps are... but this case was dual eligible, so OEP was/is exempt from her. Of course they do not train their 'experts' on this yet they sure put us through the ringer... that case caused waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much pain and confusion for the client. Pt said, cover your but as best as you can even if you have to pay a bit... will save you more grief later....

All other business submitted overnight.. no problems... they received it.

As for address changes... you're at the mercy temporarily to cms, as you know, sorry to say that. Hope it clears up for you soon.