Your Primary way for leads?


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I am wondering what you guys and girls do for lead generation does not matter what you sell what is your main source of lead generation?

Internet Leads? (Shared or Exclusive)
Telemarketed? (Self or Pay for them)
Personal Web Site?
Pay Per Click?
Business to Business?

Or any other methods you maybe using. I am just curious as to what you generate the most leads doing by purchasing or doing yourself?

I know you should have more then one lead source but just interested in your main sources? Thanks.
Mine are, in somewhat declining order of $$$$ written:

Referrals from centers of influence (realtors, mortgage brokers, car dealers)
Referrals from existing clients
Web traffic
Internet leads (don't do many of these)
Telemarketing - from outside companies
Mail programs, which I'm just starting.

Oh, did I mention I do P&C? I haven't figured out a good center of influence referral marketing that works for health. I primarily cross-sell health to my P&C book.

1) Telemarketing
2) BtB
3) Plastering flyers all over everything
4) Doorhangers
5) Local community; chamber of commerce

and as of just lately
6) Internet leads back in the fray

Referrals are a given
I run 10-word sales ads for "Affordable Health Insurance quotes online" in weekly papers such as Thrifty Nickel and give my web address and toll-free telephone. These are working well for me and they're cheap compared to other forms of advertising.