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The Insurance Technology Association (ITA)

Insurance Forums Staff

Recently, the Insurance Technology Association was launched in order to serve the needs of anyone working in or associated with insurance technology, including IT leaders, business professionals, and software solution providers.  The mission of the association is to provide members with opportunties to collaborate, educate, network, share, and use knowledge related to insurance technology.  Insurance Forums had the opportunity to speak with Jim Daggett, an executive director with the ITA, about its recent exciting developments.

Why are your members drawn to the ITA specifically?

This specialized market has never had a dedicated organization specifically focusing on their informational and resource needs up until now. Based on conversations I have had with stakeholders, they feel they were being somewhat underserved. I believe that this community will benefit from an organization that is solely dedicated to the insurance technology community. ITA is actively seeking members that are IT & Business Executives at Carriers, MGA’s, and Brokers.

What types of tools or services does the ITA offer to its members?

To begin, the ITA will be launching grass root offerings; publications, digital content, and web seminars. On the horizon, we have several projects that are top of mind for the association: a national industry event, networking opportunities, and possibly educational programs if these are some of the things our membership and our ITA advisory board—which we view as the guiding force of the ITA—feel are important, but we have to lay a solid foundation before adding to the framework.

ITA has made significant investments into our digital offerings, we want to make sure that our audience has an enjoyable reading/viewing experience no matter what device they prefer to use.

What are your upcoming goals for the ITA?

Our goal this first year is to establish quality resources and information for anyone tasked with evaluating, implementing, and marketing insurance-specific technology systems or services.

What challenges do you feel your members are facing at this time with technology– and on the flip side, what opportunities do you see for your members?

A key challenge for Insurers is navigating through all of the information that is available to them to find the right technology for their business needs and strategy, the technology solutions available are not one size fits all. With all of the new ways that insurance can be purchased and sold, I see the opportunity for the insurance industry to be leading innovators.

Please let me know if you need any additional information, by visiting their website.



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