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The Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG)

Insurance Forums Staff

The Inter-Company Marketing Group is a 30-year-old nonprofit insurance association that provides a networking and educational forum for member insurance and financial services organizations to develop strategic alliances and business relationships.  Insurance Forums got the chance to catch up with Audrey Wittenburg, the association’s executive director.

Why are your members drawn to ICMG specifically?

ICMG is unique in the industry for being dedicated to fostering insurance alliances. It’s a warm, collegial network of companies all interested in helping each other do more business together. Because of that, a call to a fellow ICMG member, even if you don’t personally know them, is a warm lead rather than a cold call, and members are interested in helping you find what you’re looking for.

What types of tools or services does ICMG offer to its members?

ICMG members have access to a member directory, both in print and an online-searchable version, that provide a tremendous level of detail on insurance product manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. These tools are used year-round. In addition we provide an enewsletter, blog, and LinkedIn Group that allow members to promote their offerings or find solutions to business challenges, as well as showcasing alliances and providing how-to type information to facilitate inter-company marketing agreements and strategic alliances.

Everything comes together at the Annual Meeting, when business relationships are created and renewed face to face.ICMG’s 30th Annual Meeting is coming up from February 4-6, 2014, in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It promises to take networking to a whole new level with the ICMG Networking App, providing a tool to connect attendees onsite. It’s known as a meeting that accomplishes the effect of a dozen business trips in one, as members connect with existing and potential alliance partners during the week, the meeting “where deals get done.”

What challenges do you feel your members are facing at this time with marketing or business development – and on the flip side, what opportunities do you see for your members?

Healthcare reform is providing challenges and opportunities. Companies are seeking to expand offerings through strategic alliances, and ICMG provides the ideal forum for sharing information and ideas with the goal of success for all.

What are your upcoming goals for ICMG?

The Inter-Company Marketing Group is always striving to be the best networking in the industry with a focus on strategic alliances. We are currently recruiting a diverse mix of insurance manufacturers and fraternals, distributors, and support providers focused on either the operational side or the marketing and sales side of the business. With ever-increasing membership there are more and more opportunities for synergy and creative solutions for all types of companies in the insurance business.

If there is anything I overlooked that you’d like to share/one aspect of your association that people in the industry should know, what should it be?

ICMG is all about the people. It is a fun, warm, energetic environment of movers and shakers in the insurance business. We have a video that illustrates what ICMG is all about, and I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out!



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