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Ok guys... I'm about to take the plunge. I just put in my notice at my employer, I have 6 months salary in the bank, and I have most of my appointments lined up. What is the best way to spend money toward marketing. BTW.. I have been around here for awhile. I was in the health business about 3 years and I have been doing investments for a bank for the last 2. I have decided to get back into insurance full-time as an independent. Any advice at all and ideas on frugal marketing are appreciated!!

I have a guy that had a group insurance plan that is self funded and does not cover any accidents on a motorcycle.

Have you heard of this before?

He was wondering if there was some kind of accident policy that he could get that would cover a motorcycle accident with limits up to like $250,000.
If the employer is willing to do payroll deductions you might look at the Colonial/Allstate/Aflac type plans. They may not give him as much as he wants but better than nothing.