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AEP...coming up quick


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The flood gates are getting ready to open...

What kind of plan do you have? They are talking about marketing and sales in the Health Forum...so I thought I would bring it over here.

Let see how we can increase our production!
I'm ready to roll with Advantra Rx & Advantra Freedom as my "flagship". I also have Aetna, Texas Community Care & Sierra Life & Health for alternatives.

I think I'm loaded as far as product goes. I've got a seminar or two coming up right before opening day.

With some extra luck, I'm going to be working with a local CVS pharmacy or two as well.

My only problem is what is the worst case scenario comes and all that falls through -- then what? I don't have a large enough client base to rely on that alone. I am really hoping to hit this AEP like gangbusters to pump up my Senior Market pipeline.

What do you have rollin'?
I am using Pyramid's Todays Options and Coventry. I have the Humana PDP also. I ma hoping this will increase my final expense and annuity sales. I would like to know what kind of advertising is going to be done?
I know that depending on where you live is going to depend on what carrier to use as your #1.

I know that all the major carriers are going to be doing radio and TV ads. Sterling has a small presence out here, but they are hitting the radio hard (Am talk shows).

I have Wal Mart with Humana, but one thing to look into are churches. I am trying to get my foot in the door with them to do some educational seminars. I have already gotten the "we do not want to endorce any one particular insurance company" speach, but if you are a broker with several carriers, that could be a plus.
What's your "in" with the churches? How do you go about pitching them?

I love the idea, but am afraid to come off like a hypocrite of any sort. Know what I mean?
I have never pitched any senior products to them, but I have done a few general financial future seminars at churches. We took 5 life apps in 1 hour with a small % of the benefit going to the church.
That is what I am trying to get down. I have a pastor and his wife as a client. I am going to talk to him tomorrow about doing a semiar there.

I am going for the educational approach. No apps will be taken there so there is no pressure to enroll. If they decide that they want to enroll, it will be done off site. Humana got in with a large church group out here and I am going to use that so they know that there are other churches doing it.

I am going to look into the life thing after open enrollment ends in March. I figure this is my foot in the door for the church.
Don't forget your VA Administration, check out your local Court House or County Building, that is where you'll usually find them, at least around here.

Church seminars, I have done a few and I use "Beneficiary" concerns, you'll find a lot of seniors that have Policies dating back 20 to 30 years that they haven't look at in many years. Beneficiaries is something many overlook and don't think about and things do change! Many Churches seek speakers for various groups, even if it do not get any leads you'll at least get a free lunch!
Whenevr I go to a church, I bring along a lawyer to talk about wills. So many people do not have wills, and it brings some extra credibility.
Melmunch3 said:
Whenevr I go to a church, I bring along a lawyer to talk about wills. So many people do not have wills, and it brings some extra credibility.

To some lawyers actually prospect? Dang I thought they just chase ambulances!