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Got an email today from an IMO I use about a template website. You can view info here and watch a video here.

The first 7 days are free, then if you want to keep it the meter starts running.

I am testing it out now and think I may keep it. The templates are so-so but the back office information is priceless.

Here is my trial site.

If you have an interest, contact Jason at MRI. His phone is 800-330-5801.
Looks nice.

Quick question...I have heard about Quotit but never have used it. I noticed it does not ask any medical questions before the quote. Is that because I am out of your area or does it always do that?
The only health questions any of the health quote engines ask are ht, wt & tobacco use.
Sounds like some agents I know . . .

Is your comment from personal experience, Sam?
While it would be nice to have prospects find my site, contact me, and buy insurance, that is not my intent. Rather I am seeking to provide information in one place that will allow a prospect to get as much information as they want about me & my services in hopes of cementing the relationship.

I want an easy to navigate, content rich site with quote engine capabilities.