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I am considering an auto dialer from Voicent. Has anyone used this before? Any reccomendations? Thanks
I'm looking at having it run for about 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I'm not really sure how many calls that would be. The cost is about $500.
You can get a cheaper auto dialer just about anywhere if you do a google search. What I found is the software to do what you need in your business is the crucial factor. Voicent's is full-featured and therefore massive. It is also expensive. How many agents are you planning on supporting? If you are running solo, you might reconsider.
I have never used voicent, but I would look at the speedy dialer, Speedy Dialer | Power Dialer | Auto Dialer with the cheetah package. It's a little less money, probably similar in function, though it includes the necessary hardware ($299 total cost).

Unfortunately, I have not used speedy dialer either, but the price is about right.

The catch for me is how the calls are managed. If you are looking for something to go along and call a bunch of people, leave messages on answering machines, next.... it's a waste of time (and not legal in most places). If you are looking for something to dial numbers, and you talk if it's a person, or you press a button and it leaves a message if it's an answering machine, this looks like a good alternative.

Either system looks like it would be good to have it run for 2 hours a day, keeping you on track for your call volume.

Number of calls it will make: I'm always amazed at how many people say they can dial 100 calls an hour. It's not practical or possible, in any meaningful manner. Assuming answering machines for all calls, the math works out as:
Phone dial: 5 seconds
Phone rings: 30 seconds
Leave message (optional): 25 seconds
Total 1 minute per call, at best, 60 calls per hour, I always plan 50. If you hang up on answering machines, you might get 80.

If anyone answers, this is slowed down considerably (well, it should be anyway). Because of this, I would estimate 35 calls per hour of 'power dialing'.

Some of the folks on here have used a guy that generates leads with his own autodialing system. Probably should have bookmarked it. You can probably do a search for autodialer or auto dialer and get it. Might want to check that out before putting money into a system that may or may not work for you

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If you're doing things solo I would look into this software or Cheetah. Gary has a great system and the price is alright, but to truly maximize the investment you would need multiple telemarketers working the system.

The positive things about the software Steph are the features and the price. Anybody who uses VOIP for 3-4+ hours a day knows that technology is not the best compared to analog. It seems as though you have the option of using 1-4 lines with this system at an attractive rate. It is unclear how the system actually works because it says that either VOIP or analog is available. I wouldn't go with VOIP regardless of the price. I'm going to look into the demo.

If you are going to do more than 1 line (I would) you have to factor that into the cost of the system. Here are the answers I would like to know first before buying.

1) What is the response time between when a person picks up the phone and the time an agent speaks?

2) What happens if more than 2 people pick up at the same time?

3) What type of tracking system is included in the software? I didn't see anything about this feature on their website.

4) How is the voice clarity of both parties on the phone?

I talk to 15-20 people an hour and dial approximately 45-55 numbers on average. If I was able to double the amount of people I talked lead flow should increase. Give an agent 3-4 leads an hour for 8 hours a day and he or she should become a very happy person.

In all honesty, I've already made up my mind that I'm going to purchase Gary's system after the holidays, but I'm also attacking things from a different angle. It really comes down to affordability and what you want in a system. I'd suggest you talk with Gary about his system to see the true potential and then make your decision. Got about 2ish weeks left this year for business so there is plenty of time to figure out stuff.
I am just curious what are you dialing? Cold calling? Small business? Homes?

We have never "cold called" but we have always used a predictive dialer, to call our generated or purchased leads.

Since my staff is hourly + commission + full benefits I always viewed "cold calling" as unproductive and a waste of time, I guess for the solo operation this is possibly not the case.

Who are you targeting on your cold dials?
Actually, I bought the Cheetah system about a month ago. It does meet my needs, since I am a one-person agency (the program will handle up to 4 agents). However, I have to warn everyone that it has a very steep learning curve. The primary reason for this is due to a poorly written manual, obviously done by an engineer and not a technical writer.

(I might add that there is also an undocumented program that comes with the package, and neither is its internal help file populated.)

They even sent me a unit (basically an external modem) that does not have a "hang-up" button as the manual shows and describes. For these reasons, I consider the program an early release.

You should also note that there is no way to attach a telephone to the device, therefore you have to do a manual dial with your keyboard or mouse. I use a splitter on the phone line and hooked up a telephone, but it does not integrate with the software. Normal (auto) dialing is through a phone list that you must import from your own source.

Technical support is non-existant. I have emailed twice without a response. I did get a call back once (that was little help, just confirming my discovery that an external phone will not integrate). They say that if you need help to learn how to run the system, they will sell you live tech support. Most are sure to need it, considering the poorly written manual. This is a self-serving, dastardly, attitude.

I found that I can master the device without their help because I have worked with computers for over 20 years, build my own systems and run my own network. But it takes time to study the poorly organized manual. Not everyone will have my experience level, yet from the comments on this thread, I think some of you do. However, this product is not for the technically challenged.

It does have the features I like: I can autodial a prospect and talk if he picks up, or leave a pre-recorded message for an answering machine. I can type notes as we talk, and code the call for several results. No answers, etc. are moved to the bottom of the list for call back, etc. etc.

The cost is roughly what you would pay for a voice modem and autodial software purchased elsewhere, as long as you don't consider the cost of your study time to master this contraption. It is cleverly integrated but without a telephone.

If, by referring to "cold calling", you are speaking of naked phone numbers, you can obtain a list of all numbers in a state, take a chunk of those numbers and scrub them against your DNC list, and call. You will get many people unqualified for your product, burning a lot of time.

Alternate means would be to obtain a phone list from a marketer providing numbers mined from credit bureau lists, that you can ask to be screened for age, income, zip code, etc. You pay extra to have them scrubbed if you can't do this yourself. I still refer to this as "cold calling", tho some may call them "leads".

Others have a telemarketer do the calling, screening with your requirements, and providing you the results (leads). You may or may not get better qualified leads, depending on the quality of the telemarketer.

Seems as tho you use the drop list method, having a marketer send out response cards. Do you ask for the cards, or a list, or both? If you can, ask for the list electronically, then you can download the list into an autodialer program. I don't know your cost for your present method, but I think it would be cheaper to just ask for the data electronically like I mention above.