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E&O Insurance


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I have always had my E&O paid for me and was wondering who you all used for your E&O. I wouldn't mind paying a little more if I get set it up monthly if it was still good coverage to help with cashflow..


I intend to sell mutual funds, VA's, etc. in the future... should I go ahead and get coverage for those products or can I wait until I actually start selling them?
I see no reason to pay extra for coverage you do not need at this point. Ask the folks who write your E&O if there is a problem in restructuring the coverage mid year.
Checked out NAPA and only saw the $700 a year plan, even 500k was more then 33 a month.

How did you get for $33 a month?

I got NAPA sponsored through one of my company appointments. I got $1M / $1M for the $33.00. There's also a $72.00 annual fee.
I got mine through United Teacher Associates. I believe Great American offers the same sponsorship & I'm sure there are others.