General Liability Insurance and E&O Help


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I am leasing an office space and the landlord requires General liability Insurance for $1,000,000 and I carry E&O for $1,000,000. From what I understand these are two different types of coverage and one will not substitute for the other Correct?
Also, anyone here lease their offices and know of any cheap General liabilty Insurance Companies?
Any help would be appreciated.
E&O and General Liability policies are different. One does not cover what the other policy covers. If you post what state you are in, then maybe one of the agents from the forum that lives in that state can suggest a good liability carrier.
General liability covers you in case someone comes in to your office, trips, falls, breaks a leg, out of work for a month, and sues you to pay all his bills. E&O covers you when you write a policy for someone, they trip, fall, break a leg, not in your office, and you forgot to actually send in their policy. Same broken leg, same lost work, just how it happens and what the recourse is.

In most cases a $1M general liability policy for insurance agents is fairly inexpensive. It's good to have, even if you work in your home. If your in California, I'll quote a price for you.