Has anyone heard of EFinancial?


Hi everyone, I'm new to the game and am looking at getting contracted mainly in life and wondered if any of you had heard of/done business with Efinancial? Should a brand new agent really be able to get 100% commisions straight out of the gate if not what should I be aiming for? EFinancial starts you at about 80% until you produce 50k in AP. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

There's a thread (search) that we've discussed directly contracting. Believe it or not, these companies will really help you do the biz. Many times it's the FMO/IMO employee who recruits you who simply gets paid to recruit you and then you'll never hear from them....Good luck!
IF you have ever watched Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalsun (spelling) uses them and she's very successful with them.
She started from home, now she's running Coto Financial Services and has agents under her for selling term from home.
Also E-Financial, you can contract with them, but they only pay 75% commission. You can get more, like 90-100 other places and I suggest you do that if you use them for leads. You have to committ to 3 months leads from what I remember too.
If they are willing to help, teach and support you to get to the $50,000, then it is a very worthwhile choice. The $10,000 in reduced income could be worth $100,000's if you get started properly.

Their leads are decent and their ALYSS (sp?) system is good.

There are a couple other options that you will find on this forum. But, the key for a beginner is getting properly educated, not necessarily the top contract. That will come with production.
But you can still get their help and get better commissions. You can get their leads without being appointed through them. IF they were giving a discount on the lead for your contracting via them, then okay, but for $28 a pop, and to add filters it's around $36, I feel you need the extra $$ to cover the cost of doing business with them.