Health Commissions

I much prefer clients over 40 who have pre-exisiting conditons. They stay plastered on the books and see the value of health insurance. They also know exactly how it works so they've very savvy and also understand money and finance which makes HSA sales easy.
I too have clients that generate $10 - $20 commissions, but fortunately, not that many. Everything I do is as earned and I prefer it that way.

Average premium is around $400/month at 20-24% means $80 - $100/month for every new case (on average).

It's easy for me to tell you to hang in there, but things will come around. Some days I go through a bunch of kids looking for coverage and I write them up, even if it is $10/month. Figure thats $10 I didn't have when the day began.
NHB_MMA said:
Golddoor, why aren't you getting the 12-month advance like John?

Because I mostly write with Unicare and Aetna and I just chose to recieve as earned. And neither of these companies do 12 month. Unicare does 6 month though. I may have to go ahead and do that!
I take the Assurant advance and everything else is as-earned. But I'm lucky that Assurant is competitive in my state and they aren't in many states. I'll always take the Assurant advance since quite frankly it's fun to close a deal and get a nice commission upfront. And if you're selling correctly you don't have hardly any chargebacks.

john_petrowski said:
"Allot" and "irregardless" are my two pet peeves:-)

My favorite is "Neucular". Without irregardlessness of how prevalent this topic is, our president and my pastor both still pronounce it wrong allot!
I think if you have prospect who is under age 40 then you need to sell about 30 - 50 policies a month . I think even 50 policy a month would not be good enough to survive :( .

California kind of expensive state never enough.

by the way, I got tons of traffic from out of state recently... :) ..

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