Health policy for 88 year old immigrant?

Dave020 said:

I believe MRMIP would be available in this situation.


It's pretty expensive. Look at the rates below. The Kaiser rate might work for client. I've not looked at the plan.

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Rates are probably pricey, but the plan has some advantages. No upper age limit, and you can do the application even before that person arrives in CA. Right now no waiting list for MRMIP, be aware the HMO do have that silly 3 month no benefits deal after enrollment without prior creditable coverage.

I use MRMIP often in situations where it fits well:

-pregnant and too much income for AIM
-new arrivals to CA from another country
-of course those who have no other recourse

I usually do the Cross PPO but Kaiser has a friendlier premium across the board on MRMIP.

Just a thought, and your E&O covers it whereas I am not sure it would cover "travel medical" plans like IMG.


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