Hmmm, had a couple offers. What to do?


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I am a captive life agent. I've been going out and seeing some of the major agencies in our area leading with the idea that I want them to get appointed to sell our products, and then I'm coming at the idea of allowing me to work their group health with supplementals from the back door.

That hasn't gone much of anywhere as these are big agencies that pretty much take care of everything and every line of insurance in house. I have, however, had a couple of job offers from these big agencies. One even offers vesting of your book after 5 years, with 20% vesting each year after until you fully own it. These weren't straight offers, but they kind of talked up their agency, how easy it is to cross sell their P&C customers, and suggested that if I was ever unhappy where I am at to come in and talk with them. One of the ones that is really a jam up agency here alluded to the idea that they wanted to access more of their customers on life, but they are too busy to deal with it right now.

Many of these agencies have people walking right into the office asking for insurance. I'm very tempted to do this, because all the prospecting I'd have to do would be accessing the P&C books and tell them that they can get a discount by getting their life with us in combination with their home and auto.

Are there any potential problems with this? I'm sure the grass isn't always greener.

I've been told that there is more money outside of the captive agent market, I don't know how true it is. Ask them lots of questions, make sure that what they say is what they do.

If you are happy with where you are at that I don't see any reason in changing unless you know the next move would be one that improves your situation.
Well, I like my company. I think it is pretty strong and well branded, with a good product portfolio. The training and appointment "hand holding" that was promised didn't come through 100%... more like 70% really. With that said, there has been some one I could go to whenever I had a question.

I see a lot of other agents making a lot of money where I'm at. Then again, the two other agents who started a little before me are doing pretty badly. I started doing okay, but it has slipped since the holiday season came around. All lead generation is on me. I have been given a couple of existing worksite accounts to service, but they have all been a couple hour drive away. I do like the people I work with, and I see many people making money there.

I'm just thinking about how easy it must be to go to one of the biggest agencies in town and have people that already have their home insurance walk into my office and ask about life or health insurance. I'm also thinking how easy it might be to call up hundreds and thousands of P&C customers already on the book and cross sell. Some of the big names in insurance in this town work in these offices. One of the guys that I spoke to got his start with my company and told me that if I could make it there, I could do very well anywhere.

I'm just scared I'm falling into a "grass is greener" mentality. I must say though that at this point, if I wasn't on salary at my company, I wouldn't be making too much.