Internet Leads...beyond the lead.

No company offers a better lead. These are all just people happening to stumble onto one site or another. Saying that, you want a good return policy, ability to pause your account and an ability to get a high volume of leads. You want to make sure the leads are search engine driven and not banner ads offering incentives: "Click for a free quote and win a Ipod!"

Call each company before signing up to see how they advertise. You can also run a Google search yourself for "health insurance" and see which companies show up on the 1st page of the search.

I used to use Vimo, and All delievered high volume, gave me the ability to pause my account and had return policies. I'd also stay away from companies who want more than $100 to start your account.

Stay away from paying more for exclusive leads. Some agents have figured that paying $15+ per an exclusive lead will be worth it. You should also not be spending more than $8 on shared leads.

You should be closing 1 out of 15 and you need 3 deals a week to stay alive in this business. That's 45 leads a week or about $350 a week. You'll need that every week for at least 4 weeks until you see commission checks, so unless you have $1,400 to invest I'd look into something else.

What I see all too often is agents without a lot of money buying 4 leads a day. That's zero to 1 deal a week.
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Please let me know if the numbers you quote are your personal experience or obtained elsewhere

It's good to know that nothing has changed on working internet leads in the last 2 years as well.

Of course, Peeler is still waiting on that lead to be credited from 2 years ago........

Please realize all of those companies sell to call centers and do live transfers.

This is not always the case, maybe for health leads but not auto, home and life. I know this because I used to work for a small lead provider. I was their main system architect.

We would put in test leads every so often and find that sometimes no one would even call them. Many of the lead that are bought are good leads but they are not followed up on quickly or thoroughly.

As far as live transfers, (formerly QuotesAuction) tried this. Agents started to complain that all the shared leads they got were ones that no one answered the live transfer. So now they have stopped trying to turn every lead into a live transfer.

My new company ( does live transfers in a different way. We make calls on behalf of agents who already bought the leads. We have found that nearly one half of all real-time leads that come through during bankers hours can be live transferred to the agent who bought the lead on the first call.
I call BS on this statement. Don't think it's true. Sales hype.

Think so?

I'm looking at the data.

You can try it out for just $150 for the first month and $100 after that. We will transfer an unlimited number of lead that you supply from companies like NetQuote, InsureMe and others. It works with emailed leads, so the integration process is easy.

Our system responds instantly to real-time leads. Customers are happy to get a quick response and be transferred to a live, local agent.
It is BS. You're not going to try to tell us that you can contact 50% of provided NetQuote's leads ON THE FIRST CALL and transfer them LIVE (no hanging up) to the broker.

Please provide the names of five brokers than can verify this and have been doing business with you for more than six months (actively).
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