NAHU-Anyone a member?- your thoughts

Hey Melmunch3, as a short-time but successful P&C agent looking to break into the health care side of the industry, will you recommend any free sources such as magazines or good online-sites that focus on the sales side of health insurance, or health insurance in general? I'll be doing a search here on the forum as well, but I thought this would be a relevant reply to this thread.

Thanks for any feedback.

And I've found this forum to be the best source for the sales side of health insurance so far!
Great. Thanks for the feedback.

I've just been appt'd with Blue Cross & Blue Shield, so I'm going to start targeting my Book of Business for health care, as well as small business.

The Blue + Rep for my area is stopping by my office this week & is going to be optimizing my website so that I can quote online! I'm excited!

In your professional opinions, are Blue + & Blue Shield competitive? I'm in CA.

Thanks guys!
I have been a member of NAHU for decades and will continue to renew... primarily as they are the political action arm for health insurance agents.
Each geographic area/chapter is better/worse than the other... and I imagine there are several chapters in your area... check 'em out.... usually informative meetings and a chance to actually MEET some of your colleagues face2face.... sorry MelMunch..... not a direct slam to forums.