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I have not been in the company PFA for very long. But from what I can tell you is that they have as much integrity, if not more, than your typical corporate insurance company. PFA works with companies like Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, National Life Group, and Allianz. Life Insurance Company of the Southwest can be seen on the Life Health Ward's 50 Companies of last year. As been said in previous responses it is something that you have to put the work and effort into , because essentially it is your business, you are a business owner. No matter what you can make it to the top if you put your heart into your job. No scams, this is a growing business, with a golden opportunity at hand, with caring leaders to help you achieve your goals.

Also an earlier comments stated english probably wasn't the gentleman's first language. Which is no suprise, most of the agents in PFA have English as their 2nd language. Most of those individuals are the most successful as well, reason being they believe in the American Dream. They came to this country with nothing, and want to become something.
i joined it a year ago. i like its system. i am QFD in nv. starting comm level is different for experienced agents and depending on your qfd recommendation. i have been in business for 13 years and bought my first lsw product in 2004. national life group provides training and pfa also provides online training weekly. did any one attend convention at atlantic city last month?. i was there. they announced deferred compensation plan. it is new to IA. next convention may be in vegas or california. if it is vegas, say hi to me when your are here. you can promote to higher level by finishing its fast track.
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English is my third language. i have my unique market which they speak their native language and English.
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i am focus on product because of my nature of business. recruiting is 2nd position.
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We immigrants are driven. I'm ESL and my English sucks. Well, I graduated from high school and college beloved America. Well, my husband is American so he helps me a lot lol.
PFA practices MLM recruitment scheme. PFA is in fact a marketing agency. PFA does not have any insurance underwriter. PFA does not hire people. PFA subcontracts recruits without providing them any health benefit or salary for their time. Anyone can join PFA. All you need is money to pay for the training upfront. You do not need any academic achievement to join. In fact, the lower your IQ score the better.
Well said DHK. If you compare the setup of a law office with a PFA office, you know which business is here to stay. Some of the PFA offices could pack up and leave in as little as one day. PFA prays on immigrants, with a lot of them from Asia, based on their lack of knowledge and understanding of what they are entitled to if a person is TRULY HIRED. Most of the recruits actually think that they have a job, while there is no income nor health benefit in sight.

PFA doesn't print money to make commission payout. The number / math doesn't add up for the consumers. Someone is getting screw here. It is a gross misrepresentation of selling something "to help people".

For those who continue to say good things about this business model, it is either: 1.
you do not know what you are missing when you are properly employed; or 2. you are getting paid to say it; or 3. you are one of those who continue to benefit being on top of the command chain, aka. the tip of the pyramid structure.

Out of all the business model that I know, PFA is taking on "minimal" risk, and let all the RECRUITS to take all the risk themselves.
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You don't know anything about insurance sales. That's what I was talking about.

Most of the 'legitimate' agencies around... can operate the way you describe.

Now, aside from bagging on PFA... did you have a question you wanted to ask? Or do you think you were 'victimized' by them?
Wow! So defensive DHK, from Hong Kong for the HK part of your handle?

I don't know anything about insurance sales? As a matter of fact I do, since 1990, and the story never really change. This is why no life agent could sell me anything. If I want something, I look for it myself, and I would not need someone to sell me anything. If a product sells itself, you don't need sales / recruits.

As a matter of fact, I am also aware of how PFA brainwash the recruits to turn against their families. Someone from PFA once said, "Your own family doesn't matter to you, only YOU matter to you."
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