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I'm trying to find some good presentation software that will step clients through the process of evaluating risk and then presenting what-if scenarios depending on the extent of their estate planning, insurance, age, retirement needs, etc.

The best I have found so far is from Moneytree --their Silver plan. Costs close to $500. Another I looked at was less expensive but was pure junk once you try it out.

My FMO pushes "The Shield" which is more like $1,200 with hefty annual fees thereafter. I can't say I want to go that route just to demonstrate to potential clients the difference between planning and failing to plan.

Any thoughts, suggestions?
Any decent software for financial planning will be $1000+, with annual fees to keep it up. The expense is a cost of doing business.

What exactly do you sell? I personally like moneyguidepro, but all of these seem to have good points and some not so good points.

I sell the usual things: annuities, life and especially replacement for life policies as well as ILIT held policies, long-term care, etc.

I want to demonstrate where people are in retirement mostly but also show estate tax liability and alternate estate plans.

The moneytree system I have been using in demo seems to cover this pretty well.

For example, I can do a what-if on lifetime income assuming a 4% rate of inflation. A green graph shows adequate income through life expectancy. If I change the assumed inflation to 6%, the graph hits red at age 83 to demonstrate that other adjustments (reduce living style or annuity) might be advisable.

This is the sort of thing I want, unless there are other features in some programs that I have not even thought about yet.