Question for seasoned med supp agent


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What is the persistency/fall-out rate for med supp sales. In other words, if an agent builds a good book of business and "retires" (but still services existing policies) what per centage of the book of business would tend to fall out each year.

I realize that some major events could impact the overall picture such as significant rate increases on your policies or more competitive plans becoming available etc and that there is no way to tell this and that. But, you get the gist of what I am asking. What would you expect that to look like in general if you had to take a guess or based on experience?

Thanks again.

Most figure it with an 80% persistancy. If you have more than 20% fall off then something is definately wrong. I would say 80% would be a better number to use than 90
Keep in mind some companies only pay you 6 or 8 years for those supplements so you really need to continue to write business.