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Question Re Blue Cross In Pennsylvania...


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Although 80% of business is in Ohio, I still write some apps in Pa.

Historically, Blue Cross has a policy in Pa that an agent MUST SEE THE CLIENT IN PERSON. No exceptions. That has kept me from writing BC in Pa.

I know that many agents do NOT follow that rule.

Does anyone know if that is still the case with BC, or have they changed that rule.

In Ohio, BC doesn't care if you see them in person. In fact...no company cares.

Thanks...and by the way...the Phillies might just win the division this year.
If you are asking about the Blues plan in central PA, it is Highmark Blue Shield's plan called Direct Blue. They also have a HSA qualified plan now called PPO Blue. When they were first available you did have to see every person in the family who was applying. They have since changed that rule and it is no longer necessary.
Independence Blue Cross does not require that you see the applicant in person. In fact, on their new Keystone Individual HMO plan they suggest that you have the client do the app on their own computer since the program will catch any omissions and errors (less liability for the agent). Of course, if all goes according to plan, Highmark and IBC will become the third largest health insurer the nation. Don't ask me who the first two are, the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer did not elaborate on that point. IMO Aetna would be either one or two.

BTW the propsed merger is creating a lot of questions from hospitals, doctors, and customers.:skeptical: