Road signs for marketing



Has anyone use those road signs that you stick in the ground that say "Affordable health insurance" etc etc.... ?? Did they work? I have a deal where I can get them at $2/sign and wondered if it would be worth it. Anyone who has any experience to share, the info would be appreciated!
Years ago Burma Shave had good luck setting up a series of road signs to sell their shaving cream when a lot of guys were still using soap and a brush. Of course, I read about in the history books.:D
Would you buy health insurance from a yard sign, or one on a telephone pole?

The Affordable line is over-used . . . especially by those guys who sell something that pretends to be health insurance . . .
Never did it...Though there is a place in town that you get 100 for $99. I don't believe it is effective marketing because most cities have laws about signs on rights of way, they end up getting picked up by the police and they call you and meet you, then issue a ticket.
Thanks! I sorta figured it wasn't the greatest of ideas for marketing, but wanted to see what your responses would be.
I agree completely... and anything I can do to differentiate myself from NASE is a good thing....Although... it doesn't take much to do that! :D
STIbroker had a great (funny) audio link a few months ago about a NASE guy receiving a call from a businessman requesting that he take down those signs. It is somewhere on the forum but I don't know where.