SOA/Sales at Sales Events

I'm sure this has been asked or answered somewhere in a thread that hijacked by people arguing Supp v. MAPD, but I can't find anything here or through carriers, so I'm going to ask:

I was in a meeting of local brokers this morning and one of the people there was saying that if you are doing a retail booth and someone walked up, you could only get PTC, not a scope or app. I read through what is in the federal register and am not seeing that. I do see no SOA at educational events. I do see no appointment without 48hr scope. I do see an exception for walk-ins. My inclination would be to classify someone walking up to me at a sales event as a walk-in, but I know the government defines things differently than what I think makes sense on a consistent basis. Does anyone recall anything specifically from any of the trainings or AHIP that would indicate that I am incorrect?
None of that even kicks in until Oct 2023. If I did booths, though, and had someone walk up to me asking for help I would look at that as a walk-in at my office.

I have no clue what AHIP says about it. Nor do I really care, to be honest.
If anyone else wants the clarification, you can take an app and get a scope as long as the event is registered as informal sales walk up.
That’s correct . A walk up at a booth is not considered a walk in to an office . They’re not walking up to the Walmart booth to buy . Only inquiring .I’m on a big Facebook group and this has been talked about . Also a broker send a letter to cms and posted the received cms response . Cms stated a inbound call must also use the 48 hr soa rule. In the end any agent can do what they please. If a complaint hits then things an issue