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The new forum is live!


OK everyone, the new forum is up and running. It can be seen and bookmarked at www.insurance-forums.net I think it may be a good idea to collect the links to some of the most popular threads and put then in a new topic on the new forum and sticky that topic to the top. That way, if anyone needs to get some information from this forum, it will be easy to find the thread.

For the next little while, if anyone starts a new thread on this forum, we can just ask that they re-ask the question on the new forum. We can tell any agents we know, that might benefit from the collective knowledge and experience, that there is a new forum that can greatly increase their knowledge.

In the beginning, growth will be slow, but if we post often, and generate a lot of content, the search engine spiders will find us and we will get more users all the time.

For me, and for many of us, the best part of this forum is being able to learn from other people's mistakes and experiences. Let us try to make the new forum a place that makes us all more knowledgeable, and better off. Of course, there is lots of fun and spirited debate to be had. However, letÂ’s try to leave any personal hang-ups that we may have, on this old forum.
I will cross post this to the old forum.

First person to 100 posts get a Slurpee!