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Does anybody have information on the US Health Plans besides the "lack-of-information" on the home page? Are they similar to UA's hospital expense plans. Worse? Better? etc.

Please feel free to respond here or PM me.


21 views and nobody knows anything the plans? I could have sworn there was 1 or 2 people on this board familiar with them.
I never heard of US Health. Do you mean United Health? Give us the URL of the company you are seeking info on.

Where did you see that they are not in Cali? From the main page bottom right corner it seems they are in most of the states.
from what i know this is the group that used to write ams with universal marketing... mark lafavre.......... i put a call into him just now and we will talk, we played golf together and i was with him at design benefit plans about 13 years ago..... i will let u know