Buyback requirements by law


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If my car is insured by a reputable US company and I legally drive in the US and hit a deer, which totals the vehicle, does my insurance company have the right to demand that I buyback the salvage price the sell it myself as salvage? This car is not registered with the DMV. It is legally imported but not titled in the US. It is titled in Canada. It is insured in the US. Can I demand that the insurance company sell it?
Sounds like a mess. Unregistered? Titled in Canada but insured in the US? If it's not registered to you in US, that's a problem in itself. If it wasn't a mess (and titled/registered/insured in any state in US), the carrier cannot demand that you purchase it for salvage value, it's just an option to you that most people do not exercise. You'd be hard pressed to insure a car anywhere in US with a "salvage title". I wouldn't want to be the agent on this one.
If the deer crossing signs wouldn’t have been posted, there wouldn’t have been any deer crossing the road to begin with. I think the highway county department may be at fault.