Career, Resume Question


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I worked at an agency telemarketing, managing 4 other telemarketers, doing general office work, customer service, quoties, etc for a year. I never did earn my state p&c license.

I am wondering what I should list my job title as on my resume? Do I qualify as an "agency producer"? Or is that title reserved for those with a license?

I would go with Office Manager, that seems more appropriate. If you wish to get more exotic, you could stretch that to VP of Communications.
Thanks for the reply. So you do need to be licensed to call yourself a "producer"?

VP is definitely overstating it.. If I can't claim producer, then I'm going with marketing associate.
That is correct, only a licensed producer can call themselves that. However, what you were doing is highly important and should be sought after. There will be no producing without someone qualified to do the buying.

Best of luck and email me if you need further help.