If you hire foreigners to get leads…

Have you ever seen what P&C agencies pay their producers?

If you can develop a constant lead flow, you can pay people 20/hr plus a $25 per app spiff.

There will definitely be agencies that will make it work.
When I worked at a call center, it was 20 + 60-80
Hello this is "Mike" .....rest of conversation is unintelligible and then "Please Hold" and the click of the hang-up...

Haha. That looks like a superspreader event if I ever saw one.

What are those goofy pear-shaped objects hanging from the ceiling? Some sort of Hindu idol?
That sounds like a decent deal for someone starting out. How many apps did you write per day?

To be honest, I wasn't there long enough. I was trying to close my dad's business, deal with his personal affairs, and go through training.

I had to resign about two weeks in with the ability to rehire, but I never went back.

Medicare is really getting painful it seems.

I've changed my stance of MAPD. It serves a purpose and as long as the client understands there can be challenges with it.. it's on them.

I don't know what the current mailing regs are, but I think I read that all mailing disclosures have to be different for each zip code?

Personally, I just want to run a drip campaign and take inbound calls... It shouldn't be such a pain to run a business.