"I'll call you back"

I sold a med supp today to off of a lead that is 14 months old. She said she was just getting ready to call another agent that had stopped by the month before because she is tired of paying the high premium. I did not set an appointment with her, i just stopped by on my way home. Glad I did. Glad I am not the other agent that didn't follow up. Finally I am on the other end.:)

Fourteen months old, good job. How many agents do you know that would have either thrown that "lead" away or tossed it in a box along with hundreds of other, "worthless leads"?

As 2112Greg said, "a lead is a lead is a lead." I think I have heard that before.

I don't shred anything, like Greg, I keep them all handy. I don't call back 3, 4, 5 times. I can make a sale while I'm screwing around calling people back. The are either interested when I call or they are not.

I get as much information as I can on the first call. All I really want to know is the name of the company they currently have their insurance with. If they aren't interested now they will be very interested when the company they are with has an increase. I wait and call back when I know they have gotten their increase letter. They are usually more than interested in talking to me.

I don't send cards or letters, I thank them for their time and tell them I will call again in six months and go on to the next one. One can spend half a day just doing call backs. For me that is unproductive time that I can use to make a sale. I have no shortage of people to call.